A Grown Up? Me? Naaahh

I must come from pretty hearty stock. I’m very rarely sick, achey or in any other form of discomfort. So when I woke up this morning aching from the neck down I knew I had to be coming down with something. Then I remembered I had been playing Just Dance 3 like a wild woman with Brenna just a day or so ago. Could that have made me this sore? As I made my coffee and looked at the calendar I realized I will be 30 in 30 days. Heavens to Murgatroyd! Is this me getting old?!?

I know that the big 3-0 bothers some women but I truly haven’t given it much thought. It doesn’t seem like it’s happening to me; sometimes I still feel eight and I’ve fooled all these people into believing I’m a real adult. I have never lost touch with the child I was. We speak often. She says things like: “Can you believe they let us drive a car!?” “Cool, we’re paying a bill, that’s sooo grown up.” “Hey, why aren’t we eating macaroni and cheese every night like we said we would?” I never stopped playing “house” my toys have just gotten bigger.

The other reason 30 hasn’t loomed over me is because I’m fairly fulfilled. I am blessed to be more or less where ten year old Chrissy planned to be. I have a husband who makes me laugh, I live in a comfortable home,  I’m a stay at home mother to some pretty awesome kids, I still manage to paint and create and be me. I even have three dogs. Short of the pygmy goat farm and hot pink VW I got it spot on. I hope I can say at 50 that I’ve made 30 year old me as proud.

I considered doing something profound for the next 30 days to commemorate this milestone (random acts of kindness, write my memoirs, iron man competition) but I think I’ll be eating mac ‘n cheese every night and working on some goat costumes for the dogs.

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2 Responses to A Grown Up? Me? Naaahh

  1. Susan says:

    Your life and your kids speak so well of who you are! I love that you allow them to dream and be and do! What a mom!
    Enjoy your mac and cheese!

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