Warning: PPP (Pet Peeve Post)

ImageIf I had started this blog five days ago I may have weighed in on the great Chick-Fil-A controversy of 2012; but that ship has sailed (and hopefully hit an iceberg and sunk to the depths never to be dredged up again). I do; however, have an issue (minute on the scale of controversy really) that will alienate and polarize my peers, namely suburban mothers of little girls.

Anyone who has met my daughter knows that she is, if nothing else, an individual. I let her dress herself. In the morning she asks what the weather will be and dresses accordingly. Some days the ensemble may include a tiara, a fedora, or black rimmed lenseless glasses from her Halloween costume. She doesn’t just march to the beat of her own drum, she’s got a calliope. I love that about her.

Though she’s only four I have noticed the occassional sneer from other little girls her age: The Boutiques. Ya know, giant Minnie Mouse bow and everything in a three foot radius of them is monogrammed. We get it, we get it, your family has initials! It may be that at four, five or six they’ve already formed a clique and conformed, their only individual identifier those infernal initials. Maybe they’re irritable from the strain of supporting that larger than life hair bow. I think mostly these poor little chicks are jealous. I mean, what little girl doesn’t want to wear her tiara to story time? And why don’t we ALL just let them? Our little girls have the rest of their lives to worry about fitting in., having the cool handbag and dealing with the mean girls. Let’s let them be little! My little lady in her boots, shorts, Scooby hat and seven necklaces should be the norm not the oddity.

Now, I’m not promoting some liberal, hippy dippy, touchy feely, agenda. I want her to eat her veggies, read a book, respect authority and get a real job (just not necessarily a hair cut). But maybe if we gave them a little more freedom in the closet we’d encourage them to develop a sense its okay to be themselves and save ourselves for bigger battles.

That’s my two cents for the day and I hope it doesn’t keep me from getting a business license….or a seat at story time.

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2 Responses to Warning: PPP (Pet Peeve Post)

  1. I LOVE this, and I really admire how you let your girls express their personalities!

  2. Heathervg says:

    U took the words right outta my mouth. But ur words sounded much better And more intelligent than my babble… Lol

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