I Know, I Know, Go Get A Room

I am not one to profess my love for my husband on Facebook, claim he’s Mr. Wonderful and follow it by an unneccesary number of exclamation points. Out of the 365 days in a year he might be Mr.Wonderful 20 times. He gets the title of Mr. Aggravating 50, Mr. Decent Guy 93, Mr. Awesome 75, Mr. What Was I Thinking? 15, Mr. Good Enough 29, Mr. Great Guy 30, Mr. Glad We’re In This Together 32, and Mr. Sends Me Into A Murderous Rage a solid 3. But his first name never changes-My Best Friend.

We are night and day in so many matters. He is very black and white; while I live in the gray area. I think that’s why we work well together. I help him to step out of the box and see things in a different light; while he tethers me to reality as I float in my cloud of gray. We don’t do everything together, and that works for us. But in true “BFF” fashion we make each other laugh like school girls, fight and make up, support one in another (even if we think the other is a little nutty), tell the other what they need to hear, and acknowledge parts of each other we may want to deny ourselves.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. While I’ve missed him the week that he’s been gone (okay so I enjoyed sole control of the TV and some extra space in bed) we’re really lucky to have time away to appreciate the other again. From the time he walks in the door tomorrow until the first time he leaves the seat up, he will be Mr. Wonderful.

!!!!!!!!!!!!(insert dreamy sighs and giggles here)

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2 Responses to I Know, I Know, Go Get A Room

  1. Heathervg says:

    Aaawww ain’t just sweet. *Squishing ur cheeks*

  2. Lyn says:

    Lovin’ your blog….Keep it up…

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