“Fudge It” Foods

I recently decided it was finally time to start working off the holiday weight (Presidents Day, Easter, Mothers Day and Flag Day are also weight gain holidays for me) before they came around again. I started Weight Watchers; which for those of you who have never had to even consider a diet plan and don’t know; consists of assigning point values to every food and not going over an alloted number of points in a day (P.S. I hate you). It’s all about making wiser decisions and trade-offs. It becomes like a game for me trying to figure out how to get the most food for the least points in a day.

Last night I went through the drive through at the Cook Out. “I can do this” I told myself, “Be strong”. I made the right call and ordered the char-grilled chicken sandwich minus the mayo and honey mustard. Sensible, healthy choice. At the last second it was as if some evil chubby girl took over and blurted “And a blueberry cheesecake milkshake!!!” into the speaker. Subconsciously I must have fooled myself into thinking the mayo and honey mustard were a fair trade-off for a milkshake. Thankfully good sense and guilt took over and after a few sinfully delicious yet heavenly sips I split it between the girls and slowly backed away. I’ve heard a lot of women put on weight finishing their children’s food but a sure-fire way for me not to eat something is to sit it in front of those beastly little grubbers.

The blueberry milkshake got me thinking about my “Fudge It” foods. Foods so wonderful they make me want to say “Fudge it, I’ll just be fat”. In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not just trying to be inoffensive I really say “fudge” and yes, fudge is on the list. Baby red potatoes with salt and butter make me want to buy bigger pants, Kraft macaroni and cheese make me want to get a pair of stretch pants and for a good enough Lasagna I might give up pants forever and get a nice floral moo-moo. I might trade my entire wardrobe for an egg roll and one of those giant, sugary, creamy drinks that masquerade as coffee. Then I think how nice it is to do things like play with the kids, jog, and wear clothes that accentuate the positive rather than hide the great big negative. Oh, and breathing, breathing is great.

So, if you see my old friends Ben, Jerry, Sara Lee, or Little Debbie please tell them I miss them but I hope not to be seeing them in all the old familiar places (my butt and belly).

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