One Big Happy Family

My favorite time of day is story time. Around 7:30  Brenna, Stevie and I pile in bed with a stack of books and read. Every other week story time is even better when we go to the library and borrow a sack of new worlds to lose ourselves in. Last night was one such night; we had every Strega Nona book that the library had to offer. After reading I was thinking about what an awesome grandma Strega Nona would be; chubby, Italian, kind hearted witch with a quick wit and a magic never ending pasta pot. Which got me thinking about who I would choose for a custom family from children’s literature.


Strega Nona would be my maternal grandmother, and as my grandfather I’d pick Albus Dumbledore to complete the magical match made in heaven. Christmas with the grands would be amazing.


For my mother I’d steal Peter Rabbits mom. In a world of Mr.McGregors, foxes and lost mittens you need a kind, soft plush lap to curl up in. As for dad, I’m going with The Man in the Yellow Hat. He just seems so bland and clueless which is just what you want from a dad, I’d get away with murder and blame it all on that blasted monkey of his.


I’d like to have David (from David Shannon’s No David) as my brother and Beverly Cleary’s Ramona as my sister. Endless mischief and adventure, oh the fun we’d have. As pets we’d trap and train the Borrowers to do our bidding.


My paternal grandparents would be the grandmother from Roald Dahl’s The Witches. She’s adventurous but also despises witches which would spice up family gatherings with the in-laws. To balance her out and offer the kind, gentle grandpa lap I’d take Matthew Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables.


Most families have at least one crazy aunt or uncle (shout out to Aunt Mary!) but I want a smattering of eccentric aunts and uncles including: Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, Willy Wonka, The Cat in the Hat, and Amelia Bedelia. To round out the bunch I would also add Miss Clavel from Madeline to the group just to keep us all grounded (shout out to Uncle Billy!)


And if friends are the family you choose than I take Pippi Longstocking and Harry Potter. Pippi would be the free spirited friend that Mom would not want me hanging around come 10th grade since she’s perpetually unsupervised. Harry almost made my list as a brother but I could see that wand being used for evil in the hands of an angry brother plus when he started brooding about the pressure of being the “Chosen One” I could leave. “Street lights are on, gotta go Harry…kickball tomorrow?”


Of course all this family dysfunction couldn’t be housed in the real world so we’d all live in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.


Delving into another world is fun, especially when it’s one of your own creation.


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  1. Heathervg says:

    I think this one is my fav so far

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