Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid and Neither Am I

I tried desperately to inbed a video in this post; alas my powers in the realm of computers are limited to navigating the keyboard. Sorry folks, you’ll have to settle for good old fashioned URL clicking at the end of my rambling.

I’m in the midst of some internal struggles which I do not care to expound on in my blog at the present. While contemplating these matters yesterday this song came on. I believe music soothes the soul and speaks to us, though what a song says to me it may not say to you (and in the case of this particular song I’m not sure what’s being said at all).

This song speaks to me of accepting things the way they are and no matter what changes come I know I’ll be O.K. So, turn the speakers up, click away and thrash about like a 7th grader with her life ahead of her and a hairbrush in her hand (even if you’re only mumbling along with most of it). Ladies and gentlemen, it may be “The End of the World As We Know It” but I feel fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsxavPANO8s

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