I Coulda Been a Contenda

Tomorrow morning the alarm clocks will buzz, pop tarts will pop and the buses will roll again. Tonight I’m sure there are children out there tossing and turning; either because they’re not used to bedtime yet or those first day of schools jitters have over taken them. I always struggled to fall asleep on the last night of summer vacation, my stomach full of Christmas Eve like butterflies. I couldn’t wait to open the new notebooks, sharpen the pencils and get my first homework assignment. I’m a born nerd.

Brenna will not be experiencing this first tomorrow as she’s the last on the waiting list for our public school’s 4K program but I hope this week a few children fail to show up and we’ll get a call that they have a spot for my mini nerd. As I read the status updates and see the precariously placed backpacks I must admit I’m jealous tonight of the mommy’s packing lunches and enforcing bedtime. I’m not wishing time away, or eager to pawn her off on someone else during the week (it’s only three hours a day after all) but I know she will enjoy school as much as I did and I’m looking forward to living vicariously through her. The thought of my new life as a mother of a student was as exciting for me as going to school was for her.

I can’t wait to hear the stories of her new friends, cover the cabinets in art work and bring cookies for class parties. I want the structure and regiment of laying out clean undies and waking up early in the morning with a somewhere to be. I want to have a snack waiting for her to sit down with as she tells me all about her day. I might even wear pearls. There’s a tiny June Cleaver in here crying out “Put me in coach!”

So, if you know any unscrupulous four year olds at Carlisle Foster Grove Elementary who could be bought off for 2o bucks and a chocolate chip cookie give them my number.

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One Response to I Coulda Been a Contenda

  1. That new-pencil smell is the only reason I even want children.

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