Somewhere Beyond The Sea

The dictionary defines sublime as something of high moral, aesthetic, intellectual or spiritual value; inspiring deep awe, veneration or uplifting emotion because of its beauty, nobility, granduer or immensity. I can’t think of a word that better suits the sea shore. I can’t quite grasp how anyone can stand in the sand, feel the water lap across around their ankles, retreat and return, hear the soothing white noise of the waves, look for miles at something you can’t see the end of and not feel there is something so much greater than us at work there. Beauty and rhythm like that don’t happen accidentally. They are a gift.

I enjoy spending the day on the beach, sunning, reading and being generally lazy but my favorite moments at the beach are in the morning and evening when all the tourists, squealling kids and boom boxes are gone and its just quiet of the ocean. Everyone hasn’t arrived yet or is finished with it for the day but the ocean is there in all its granduer still doing its thing. Take a moment and soak up all the symbolism of a great, steadfast, powerful being that is there even when we’re not actively seeking it, frollicking in it and enjoying it.

I collect shells with the enthusiasm of a child, it thrills me to search for these gems that the ocean has left behind for us. I often wonder as I comb the beach for just the right shell what the criteria is for everyone else filling their pail. What’s so special about this shell that I want to pick it up, but that woman passed it over?What is that man so eager to grab up in the area I just left empty handed? I have searched for years to find a whole shell, not the flat kind but a good spiral like a conch or a moon snail shell. They’re so hard to find intact because they’re fragile. I have never found one until this year, when I found two. I feel like that steadfast, powerful being spoke to me with the two smallest, fragilest gifts as words. As He has done before.


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