Eye of The Tiger


Today I kicked “Stay At Home Mom”‘s butt. It was Brenna’s first day of four year old kindergarten, I got up early and drank coffee ALONE. Then I woke the kids up and made grits and yogurt. After I dropped Brenna off at school (and had to beg for a goodbye) I headed home and had more coffee and scrumptious pumpkin bread with a friend. Next I hit the grocery store, the library and my weekly treasure hunt at Goodwill. Finally it was time to pick Brenna up from school and afterward we headed off to visit a friend. Once we got home I fed the little ladies lunch, put on some Sinatra and made pumpkin bread from scratch for the first MOPs meeting of the year tomorrow. I followed that with laundry, vacuuming, dishes and then made veggie meatloaf for dinner. I felt totally in control ALL DAY LONG. It was amazing.

I don’t know if it was the vacation, the first day of school excitement, the dreary fall in the air feeling, or the 30 minutes alone with my cup of Joe but I hope I’m on a roll. Tomorrow the natives may be restless, the dinner may burn, the force may not be with me but I will keep this day tucked in my pocket as a reminder of my potential ’cause today I nailed it.

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