There Is A Season, Turn, Turn, Turn


Note: This is all purely conjecture and I have no formal diagnosis nor have I ever played a doctor on TV.

I have been so full of life, vitality, energy and peace of late that I knew something had to be wrong. This happens about this time every year and I’ve finally discovered why. My dear friends, I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Through February and March I long for the summer sun to warm my skin, the pool to cool it and to take the kids on picnics in the park. About 3 1/2 weeks in I’m over it. The lazy days of summer are no good for me. Every summer I end up at my poor husbands throat for every face he makes. Those of you who know him know this is a constant battle. He is a man of few words because they’re always written all over his face. I don’t really cook during the summer to avoid adding to the insufferable heat, all the kids want to do is swim, there’s no nifty seasonal decorations, no birthdays-nothing. I stay aggravated with a nagging feeling of being useless. Add to that the fact that I have to shave and look at these string cheese colored stumps I call legs and I’m nearly violent.

But aaahhhh fall, I’m me again. Pumpkin Spice coffee is my Gatorade, a sweater my jersey; I am the star quarter back, back in the game. There’s costumes to plan and decorating to do. I can bake again and dust off the crock pot. Brenna has school every day and when go out to play in the evening (sans sunscreen, sweat and blood sucking insects) I can read a book guilt free because I’ve done something. At night the sun goes to bed early and so do the kids, I can curl up on the couch wrapped in an afghan and my stumps are hidden in a pair of sweatpants. Fall is truly my spring; I feel that all is well with the world again.

I suppose it would be nice to live on an even keel all year long but then I wouldn’t get to enjoy this seasonal high. I guess I’m glad to be SAD. Enjoy fall y’all! I gotta go there’s so much TO DO!

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