Four Score and Seven Years Ag-SQUIRREL!

I fully intend to get back to blogging on a regular basis so todays post is like a cleaning out the fridge surprise casserole. Random thoughts in no particular order, hmm story of my life.

National Geographic has a new series called Drugs Inc. that goes inside the drug trade, from the growing and manufacturing to the mules, runners, drug lords, and school yard pushers. How the heck do they cast this thing? Criminals are notorious for trying to keep a low profile so I can’t imagine they’re sending in three minute videos like they’re auditioning for Survivor. I also can’t see National Geographic talent scouts approaching a gang on the street “Hey guys! Dealing drugs? Awesome! Do I have an opportunity for you! Whoa, whoa, put that thing away….”I think the only likely scenario is that proud mamas or satisfied customers are sending in testimonials a la Extreme Home Makeover for their favorite entrepeneurs.

I was taking Stevie along with me to lunch with a friend last week and told her she could have a hot dog. She said “See Lindsay? Have hotdog? Feel happy! Feel good!” What an awesome philosophy. Find two things in the day and feel happy, feel good.

My father, brother, niece and sister-in-law-to-be (that’s alot of hyphens by the way guys, let’s cut that down to a four letter word already) were supposed to come visit for Halloween but Hurricane Sandy literally rained on our parade. The flight out of Newark was canceled and driving was too risky. The coverage of the storm led to a lot discussion with the kids. When I told them that Poppy’s flight would likely be canceled because of the storm and there wasn’t anything we could do Stevie said “I know! How ’bout rainbow?!” I love the thought process of a two year old, the rainbow isn’t a happy by product after the rain it’s what stops it. Brenna had many concerns “Will Poppy drown?” “Why won’t God just say peace and calm the storm?” “That’s ocean water on that road?” “Whales pee in the sea, so those people are walking in whale pee”

A few ways Halloween is better than Christmas: You can say “Happy Halloween” to anyone and everyone and not worry about which holiday they actually celebrate or whether they’re one of those stick in the muds that get caught up in that mess. Halloween 1 Christmas 0.No obligation to give anyone anything more than a Fun Size Snickers; strangers, kids, in-laws one tiny gift covers them all. Point Halloween. Halloween you go to door to door and get candy for saying “trick or treat”. Christmas you can go to door to door, sing carols and get figgy pudding for your troubles. Mark that one down for Halloween. “Thriller” vs. “Christmas Shoes”. And Christmas goes down.

Brother sent me a text message while I was at a MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. I replied that I was in a MOPs meeting. He responded with “Mothers On Pills?” I spent rest of meeting imagining how different that meeting would be.

We went to get our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch last night. The day before Halloween the pickin’s get slim and most of what was left were misshapen rejects. I loved them! Normally you go to the pumpkin patch and try to find the most perfectly rounded, unblemished one you can. You completely over look the interesting and unique ones. Ah, life’s parallels. Scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with gold. That reminds me, I love you Stephen! hee hee.

I needed a jump start in losing a few pounds and started taking diet pills a few weeks ago. The first day I took them coincided with the Fly Lady (an organization guru who looks nothing like Jeff Goldblum in a wig) visiting our MOPs group. So that day I really was a Mother On Pills and I don’t know if the Fly Lady or the diet pills gets the credit for my home overhaul.

I posted on Facebook that I blamed MTV for Hurricane Sandy, that even the atmosphere now hated the Jersey Shore. Though it’s the butt of many jokes and the armpit of all beaches I’m sad to see the devastation in the area. I’ve spent many summer days and nights on the shore and boardwalk. I think that a telethon with performances by Springsteen and Bon Jovi, hosted by Danny DeVito and sponsored by AquaNet could do a ton to raise awareness and money to have the shore ready for the debauchery of 2013.

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