A Couple of Poems to Soften the Blow of A New Four Gift Rule.

Our family will be starting a new tradition this Christmas. The Four Gift Rule. It’s really very simple; the kids get four gifts: one thing they want, one they read, one they wear and one they need. There’s a lot of reasons we’re paring it down. I want the kids to know there’s more to Christmas than presents and understand the true meaning. I want them to appreciate the things they have. I’m taming myself from filling the space under the tree with shiny plastic that’s forgotten within the week. It’s about quality not quantity.

I figured it would be best to start this tradition early; before any real greed and expectations set in. I’ve written a couple of poems to accompany the gifts under the tree this first go round. They may not fully understand them this year but I hope they become a part of our holiday decor and are refered to in Christmases to come. The first is secular and the second religious. Anyone who’s planning on scaling back this Christmas please feel free to use either. With a couple of word substitutions they’re suitable for any family.

From The Desk of Santa Claus:

Alright girls so here’s the deal

The world has gotten greedy

Mountains of lists a mile long

Everyone forgets the needy!

My elves are working night and day

to fill the huge demand.

There’s not enough to go around

for all the kids in the land.

So I looked into my crystal ball

to find children, kind and smart

who know the truth of Christmas

is not in gifts, but in your heart.

You ladies are among the few

who could have a few less toys

so that I would have enough

for other good girls and boys.

After all this season is

for love, kindness and caring.

By getting a little less this year

with others you are sharing!

Enjoy the gifts I’ve brought you,

under the tree there’s four.

Something you want, need, read and wear;

in your stockings  a little more.

Mostly enjoy your family

the gift you have all year.

There is no other present

more precious or so dear.

The True Gift of Christmas

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday;

humbly in a stable He was born,

but all the Heavens and the earth

rejoiced that glorious morn.

With love for us He opened Heaven

when on the cross  He died,

but in His life He taught us things

by which we should all abide.

Remember always to love and honor God.

To be gentle, kind and to share

with every person in the world,

shining His love everywhere.

The few gifts under the tree

are nothing when compared to

the power you have to spread the love

that He has put inside you.

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One Response to A Couple of Poems to Soften the Blow of A New Four Gift Rule.

  1. Tom breen says:

    Absolutely fantastic in deed and idea. I only wish I had thought of it.

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