Opening Floodgates in 3…2…1

After this I pledge to get back to light-hearted-you’ll-never-guess-what-my-little-one-just-said-bubbly-nonsense-posts. But right now I have some ranting to do. Bear with me if it’s lacking in a coherent pattern; I’m blowing off steam stream of conscious style. I like to think I’m a progressive thinker. I don’t make harsh over generalizations and I try to look at all sides of an argument. I am an intelligent woman. I am not a drone who buzzes along with the masses. I do however identify with some of the men pictured above in this liberal “woohoo we beat the ignorant, overbearing, Republican white guys” graphic. Obviously Mr. Akin is misinformed, who really knows exactly what Mr.’s Rivard and Smith were getting at; but the other’s I understand and agree with. What better way to express it than as Paul Ryan did: “The method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life”. Darn tootin’. I’m so sick and tired of everything these days being about what makes people happy and all this oozy, woozy, poor victim crap. Rape is never okay. Incest is never okay. Duh. Not to mention that abortions due to rape or incest make up a whoppin’ 1%. I’ve heard people say “Don’t make women carry their rapists babies!!!” What about their own babies!!! The life started in a woman through whatever horrid circumstance is also part of herself. It would not be okay for the woman to kill the rapist, just the innocent life that started as a result of the heinous act. I’m disgusted that there are eagle eggs out there it is punishable by law to tamper with but humans in the same stage of life are disposable if they are an inconvenience, a troubling reminder, something unwanted. Women should have the right to say what happens to their own bodies. But I can’t carve out a kidney and sell it on the black market. Women need to respect that our bodies are not completely our own. When we get pregnant we’re an incubation unit, deal with it ladies. Tough noogies. That’s the price of being a woman-with great power comes great responsibility and all that jazz. When you have an abortion you’re not doing something to your body you’re doing it to someone else’s!!! How can people not see that??? Would it be horrible and sad and depressing to carry to term a life that started with an act of violence upon you? Absolutely. Whatever happened to “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? There are many people out there looking to adopt. Turn your trial into someone else’s blessing. It’s disgusting how self-involved we all are these days.  I’m tired of people who respect life being pegged as stupid or mindless and unevolved. People who are pro-choice have to be putting blinders on to make it okay to be so self-serving. And here’s the thing with abortion…when does it stop? How is the woman who gives premature birth and abandons her baby in a public restroom held liable for murder or negligence but if she had gone to the clinic the day before and let the poor thing come out feet first to a syringe in its skull she’d be making a “choice”? Where do we draw the line? What about the girl who has to take care of an elderly parent. She didn’t choose it, it gets in the way of her schooling, her life plan…all reasons given for abortions….Is it okay to off mommy dearest? How do we decide whose life is worth more? We talk about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” but you can take a life and liberty if it gets in the way of your pursuit of happiness. It makes me sad to see people I thought better of who support this. I don’t care if Obama was giving out pink Cadillacs and pre-loaded million dollar Am-Ex cards it’s not worth a life. I could never in good conscience vote for a man who refuses to ban partial birth abortion (which 62% of women would like to see banned-war on women, eh?) Family even!!! People who I know had the same values instilled in them that I did. People who have decided a few more bucks in their pockets or the word of some Union reps is worth more than a lifetime of moral teaching and respect for life. When it gets down to it I’m not one of those hokey ignorant Christian stereotypes. I don’t want or expect everyone in the country to do things my way, that’s the point of America. “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” doesn’t mean only for people who think like me. How can we vote on whether or not gay people get married? And why are we so worried about what that means for our marriages? Does my marriage mean less in the eyes of God or man because they’re doing it? Nah. No more or less than the hundreds of thousands of other Christians marrying, divorcing and remarrying do. But when it’s okay to KILL PEOPLE who inconvenience us well that’s a slippery slope. I am for “LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. No matter how old you are. I’m done ranting.  Tomorrow back to happy-go-lucky Chrissy material.

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