Sorry-More Than Just A Board Game

Just a few thoughts on the words “I’m sorry”. They’re like a band-aid, they cover up the wound but don’t do a heck of a lot to heal it. You need antibiotic ointment to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected, or stitches to repair it. You can’t just slap a band-aid on it and think that suffices, the other steps are necessary. The words “I’m sorry” can’t be the end of it either. Steps must be taken to repair the wound and make sure it doesn’t fester and get infected. It could be examining where the hurtful words came from to begin with or showing the person you’ve hurt that you’re genuinely sorry by trying to be less careless with their feelings in the future. If a kindergartner knocks over his buddies block tower he doesn’t say “Sorry” and walk away. He tries to help him re-build.
How many times do we apologize and not really mean it, just say it so we can get it over with. I screwed up, I’m sorry, let’s move on. It’s more of “I’m sorry I got caught, I’m sorry we’re still talking about this, I’m saying I’m sorry because it’s what’s expected of me at this point so we can patch this up and get on with the regularly scheduled day”. Sometimes I think “Sorry” is just a more polite version of “Shut up already”. There was a terrible old movie that included the unfortunate line “Love means never having to say your sorry” which I’ve always thought was the most ridiculous phrase in film history (barring anything from “Snakes on a Plane”). But maybe, just maybe, he actually meant you should be showing it instead.

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