My Train of Thought Is Rarely On The Rails

creativeSometimes I wonder about things like whether the chicken and egg I just mixed together were possibly related. When I finally undertake the task of re-organizing the laundry room and take something that belongs in the linen closet back to its rightful place, I end up leaving the laundry room in more chaos than when I began and re-organizing the linen closet. I read three books at once.  I plan on what I would use to defend myself if attacked while vulnerable in the bathroom. Just a few days ago while folding some laundry a lightbulb went off and I had to share my epiphany with my husband, “I’m gonna start leaving a lighter near the hairspray in the bathroom, that way if some evil-doer were to come for me in the bathroom I’d have a weapon”. He looked at me like the RCA dog for a second and replied “Sure, home-made flame thrower…or you could just lock the door before you shower.” My poor, darling husband, always thinking in the box. I know he gets exasperated with me a lot; its hard for him to understand why I have 200 paper beads but no necklaces, 3 3/4 finished canvases, a sink full of dishes, and when making dinner I prepare the rice last. It’s hard enough being me but I see a bit of his frustration when Brenna leaves a the mess of a tea party in full swing because suddenly she has to go make all the stuffed guests Halloween costumes from construction paper and seven miles of Scotch tape. I don’t know if my flightiness is something that should be addressed medicinally or if I should just cull some interests and watch a little more TV to zap a few of these over-active brain cells. Where would I start? I don’t want to stop reading, or paper beading, or making clay things. I don’t want to stop painting canvases or Goodwill finds, or shoes. I don’t want to stop blogging or close my etsy shop. And of course I CAN’T stop dishes or dinner or laundry or vacuuming or mothering. How can I trim the fat, so to speak, when I think it’s all muscle? Anyone out there have any ideas on how to tame the beast that is my scattered brain? I’m patiently awaiting another epiphany…

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2 Responses to My Train of Thought Is Rarely On The Rails

  1. Heathervg says:

    Well #1 ,with my ID drunk brain, if an intruder comes in ur bathroom a homemade flamethrower will be much more useful. The intruder will come thru that locked door. And #2 u are perfect just the way u are!! All that stuff is exactly why I put up with you!

  2. Heather says:

    Nobody ever grows older and says oh I wish I had organized more often or cleaned more thoroughly(well perhaps a hoarder, but you’re a far cry from that one). I don’t see anything wrong and therefore have no words of wisdom to help.

    Be just who you are and do what brings happiness to your soul. Raise healthy and adventurous children, make memories, nurture some loving times with hubby, continue this blog, perhaps wash a dish or 5, and do so with the very awesome REALNESS that is Christine.

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