Little of This, Little of That

snowflopsWe’re experiencing one of Mother Nature’s hot flashes here, it’s 70 degrees in January. Some people love the unseasonably warm weather but I do not, especially since it has been raining for days so the ground is like a soggy old sponge and you can’t get out and really enjoy it. It would be one thing if it had been frigid and snowy until now but I haven’t seen a single flake so I’m not ready to give up on winter just yet. It unsettles me when life doesn’t match the calendar pictures. January is for snowy scenes not flip-flops just like September is school buses and apples not August (Hello Southern states, kids aren’t harvesting anything anymore can we please get on board with the rest of the country now?).


A little clarification on my post about the Old Woman In The Shoe. I don’t think the government owes her a thing, it’s not the American people’s job to take care of her and her small army. My intention was to soften a few hearts, take a different perspective, separate things a bit. Obviously this family needs fish but they also need to learn how to fish.

readingI recently started to re-read The Hobbit, it’s interesting how 21 years can change a book for you. The first time I was 9 and it was a captivating story about a grand adventure in a fantastic world. Now, it’s still a captivating story but I appreciate the words so much more. I’ve found myself moving slowly through the book as I stop to steep in the beauty of the sentences and sentiments. What an incredible storyteller Mr. Tolkien was. I love that ever so often he takes the time to make you feel like he’s sitting beside you recounting this tale to you, little asides and “Can you believe this guy?” interjections. Sometimes a secret the rest of the characters don’t know. I am so looking forward to losing myself in “The Lord of The Rings” and afterward “The Philosophy of Tolkien” by Peter Kreeft.


Finally a quick plug for my etsy shop, . I’ve recently added a few new things and have about a dozen other projects waiting to be completed. I’m doing my Bugs Bunny impression, flipping open my wallet, accordion folded string of baby pictures popping out. The kids are hungry folks, buy something, tell a friend.

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One Response to Little of This, Little of That

  1. Heathervg says:

    This makes me wanna re-read the hobbit even more!

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