Truthterest: The Living Room

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest or been sucked in by it; good for you, but you could really overhaul, organize, and redecorate that rock you’re living under if you’d check it out. Here’s the thing with Pinterest though, it’s not reality. It’s like an online, grown-up version of the J.C.Penney Wish Book that I used to pour over every year when I was young. It somehow manages to make you feel like you can conquer the world of weight loss, redecorate your home for pennies using old milk jugs and used dental floss, do your hair and make-up for a red carpet event like say a trip to Target, and find a place for everything that isn’t the trash. The homes on Pinterest are flawless dreamlands of spotless hand-brushed hardwood floors and billowing silky curtains. The children on Pinterest take more than a passing interest in the craft projects you undertake with them and they never spill the glitter glue. There are poetic quotes on love and marriage and none of them end in “jackass”. So today I’m beginning a mission to bring reality to Pinterest.

The Living Room


This is what it’s kinda supposed to look like.


This is what it looks like most of the time. Our living room resembles the scene in Cinderella when the ugly step sisters tear the dress and accessories off the poor girl. Then they sat down to read Sunday’s paper. On Tuesday. And Cinderella was to distraught to fold the laundry. And in the tussle the ottoman was moved exposing a mass Goldfish cracker burial site.

Let’s look a little closer at the chaos.


The first frame I got for Christmas, I love it. I don’t know those people. The second, I know both children, they’re mine. I leave that sticker over the face there so others can imagine it’s anyone they want. It’s a courtesy really.


I like to let the kids in on the decorating, apparently we’re sticking with a Cinderella theme. Some people collect Willow tree figurines, Hummels or Precious Moments. We collect the rare Lego Duplo Characters. I have to give myself some credit, the artwork in “Ruby’s room” as Brenna calls it has not been there since Halloween, but our seasonal stickers are available for use all year long.


Someone broke the monitor on their laptop and is improvising and they have a cold. A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed. But it’s only gonna get two ply TP.


No beautiful family portraits of us all in matching tees and khakis, on the dunes, staring wistfully into the distance. We have pictures like these (painted canvases  of the dogs and old pictures of mom and dad) that never stay straight.

So that, my dear friends is my living room in all it’s lived in glory. Tomorrow, the kitchen. I’m off to pin this blog to Pinterest. Viva la Resistance!

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One Response to Truthterest: The Living Room

  1. Denise Fisher says:

    Once again, you are spot on. I love the dose of reality to Pinterest. Keep on pinnin’!

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