One of A Kind

Brenna rockstar

My darling 1st born will be turning 5 in just 10 short days. In her 5 years there has not been a day that she hasn’t bewildered, confounded or exhausted me, or made me laugh or smile. Everyday I’m proud of the person that she’s becoming. She has a kind, thoughtful, gentle nature, a wicked sense of humor, an inquisitive mind always seeking answers and an intelligence beyond her years. She’s often scatter-brained and forgetful which I can empathize with and I know it’s because there’s just too much going on up there. A few nights ago she asked me to read to her from her children’s Bible. “Read the one about the man, the woman and the bad apple”. I finished the story of Adam and Eve and placed the book on her nightstand. She looked thoughtful then pointed to the book and asked “Is all of that true or just make-believe? Did it really happen?”. “Yes” I explained, “That’s the story of when God created the earth, everything in it, and human beings”. Then she launched into; “Before he made Dinosaurs or after? And what about cave-men? Did they really exist? I don’t know if I believe in them…” I was stymied. I’m not ready to tackle creationism, evolution and dinosaurs before we’ve covered where babies come from. I was also excited to see her mind at work, questioning things. Big things! I’m also a little afraid. Am I well equipped enough to answer this little thinkers questions?

I used to let her dress herself, but when she started attending 4k I thought it best to step in and make the clothing decisions so as not to distract the class. This week she told me I always have to be “Matchy Matchy Matching” and she “NEEDS fun skirts”. So I let her dress herself again. Most outfits this week consisted of some kind of skirt or tutu over leggings, black suede boots that are practically toeless and her lensless black rimmed glasses. I love the teachers faces when she hops out of the van in the morning; I can tell the good eggs are the ones that smile at her and appreciate my little Pippi Longstocking.

I know life has great things in store for this wonder child, I hope she never loses her imagination, the sense of humor, the quite kindness. I hope she always questions everything and seeks the truth. One day, when she’s older and settled I hope she has an awesome little girl like herself to start all over with.

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One Response to One of A Kind

  1. Heathervg says:

    Just like you did with a little girl just like you!

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