Walking Dead Wisdom


I read an interesting blog a few months ago that analyzed the current obsession with all things zombie as a symptom of our human need to get back to basics. Our cult of convenience lifestyle has left us bored and apathetic and we’re to scared or weak to turn it around on our own. We need hoards of abominable creatures threatening our existence to shake things up and put the things that really matter back in to focus for us. Read the whole article here, http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2012/12/zombies.html, good stuff.

The latest episode of The Walking Dead brought us back to the beginning, the main character returning to his hometown and reuniting with the first man he encountered in the apocalypse, Morgan, the man who took care of him and filled him in on everything that had transpired while he was in a coma. The first episode of the show was basically “While You Were Sleeping” only with re-animated corpses and no romantic comedy. I digress. So, we find Morgan has completely lost it, after failing to put down his walking dead wife she feasted on his son. If watching your wife eat your son isn’t enough to make a man snap I don’t know what is. It was nice after 3 seasons of mayhem, deceit, loss and the gut-wrenching pain of Shane’s departure to get back to where it all began.  The broken Morgan refuses to leave with Rick because he says, simply “I have to clear.” Ah, so do I, poor Morgan, so do I.

Recently, I have cleared. On Ash Wednesday I charged up the paddles, called “Clear” and jolted my system when I gave up Facebook and Pinterest for Lent this year. My time wasters, luxuries that sometimes get in the way of more important things. Going without them has seen me getting to bed earlier, curling up with a book and the laugh track of Full House on Nick at Nite. Hence I am waking up earlier and have more quiet time alone to do a good bit of chit-chatting with The Big Guy. I’ve discovered a comfort in silencing myself from commenting on Facebook posts and not sharing all my children’s quips and pics. A little less “Look At Me!” has made me take a closer look at myself. I haven’t been pinning a bazillion craft, decorating or recipe ideas that I will ultimately never try and feel guilty about. I didn’t realize that all those pins were in a way adding to some subconscious to-do list and had me comparing myself to every super-crafter-DIY-uber-mom and coming up short.

I’ve also been clearing my system. Water it turns out, is pretty dang incredible. I feel so much better all day long drinking water than my crutch Diet Coke. I still really enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning but I don’t feel as reliant on it all day as I used to. There were times I felt I was dragging myself across a desolate wasteland of baby-dolls and Legos crying out “coooffeee, coofffffeeee” thinking the next cup was going to be the cup that turned it all around and got me going again.

“Clear” is good for everyone. I’ve noticed my kids play together much better when the TV is not on in the background. Once it’s been off for a while, they find so much more to do. One thing leads to another without the colorful distraction of cartoons. Since I haven’t been greedily pinning ideas for things to do with the kids, I’m actually doing things with them. Since I’m not so busy receiving updates on the pictures or statuses I’ve posted about them, I’m listening and capturing a few more memories all my own. When something is too good not to share (like my fantastic home-made sandwich bread) those pictures are sent to people who really mean something to me, and not the world at large.

Thankfully it hasn’t taken a mob of moaning, drooling flesh eaters at my door to take just a step away from the white-noise of modern life and “clear”. I know that after Easter I’ll be posting to Facebook again, and pin some recipes but I hope that my “clear” doesn’t get too muddy again.


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One Response to Walking Dead Wisdom

  1. Heathervg says:

    You made me feel guilty and warm n fuzzy all in one blog!

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