Dance School Drop-Out

This is the letter I’ll be delivering to the owner of my daughter’s dance class this evening, it breaks my heart to break my daughters heart but I believe it’s for the best. She will be sad for a while until I the classes at the new studio I’ve found begin but the whole situation makes my stomach ache.

Dear Debbie & Seany,

This will unfortunately be Brenna’s last dance class. It pains me as a mother to take my child away from something she loves but I also can’t compromise on my ethics, morals and budget for her to continue to dance here.

I signed her up along with a friend who was told there wouldn’t be costume fees only to find out in December that there most certainly was a costume fee to the tune of 85 dollars. Wowzer. This number was unheard of by many friends whose children attend dance classes in much wealthier areas of the Northeast let alone others here in Spartanburg. It’s not that my family didn’t have the money to pay for the costume it’s the principle of the matter of asking such an amount for 4 year old first time dancers to stand bewildered on a stage in for 4 and a half minutes. I decided not to pull Brenna out because she truly enjoyed the class, she continued to attend class and would not be in the recital.
In January I was approached by the teacher and asked if Brenna’s costume could be “donated” as she was an integral part of the performance and was acceling in the class. I was proud of my daughter and against my better judgement I put my indignation over the exhorbitant price of the thing on the back burner to do right by her. I knew at this point she had heard of the recital and wanted to be part of it.

Last week after class we were all given a flyer with information regarding the recital which has had a change of venue. This flyer has instructions to call or go online to purchase tickets at 15 dollars a pop, and 12 for children under 10. I am astounded that you would not try harder to get a venue that wouldn’t charge your customers a fee for something they’ve been paying for for the last 6 months. Never have I heard of people being charged to attend a dance recital. I’ve attended everything from national competitions with family to recitals right here in our area that didn’t ask a dime to watch the children come present what they had worked so hard on.

The final straw has been the song selection, which changed from the original Justin Bieber song. When I heard the tune of Run DMC’s Tricky coming from the back I assumed there was a Kidz Bop version. On Parent Night I realized this was not the case. Little girls shaking their tushies to “These girls are really sleazy” made me a little queasy (see what I did there?) but I put it aside thinking I was just being prudish and my little one wasn’t really processing all of that anyway. Until last night when she was brushing her teeth and started singing word for word the line ” Met this little girlie her hair was kinda curly, went to her house and bust her out I had to leave real early”. She may have no idea what she was singing about but I do. They’re not innocent long enough nowadays to have her singing along with this at 5 years old.

I wish you all the best with your new studio.

Christine Bannister

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