We’re All In This Together-Tips for Being A Decent Human

grocery store

1. Don’t let the school bus out in a line of traffic. Ever.
2. Do let the guy with a loaf of bread in front of your fully loaded cart in the check out line.
3. No strap-less, tube or halter tops. Sure, some of you can pull it off; but some of us can’t and don’t realize it. It’s a fine line, so you toned ladies can take one for the team on this one.
4. Don’t hand out pamphlets, circus peanuts or sandwich baggies full of pennies for Halloween. Leave the light off.
5. If you are hauling a trailer of lawn equipment, a boat, a jet ski or an entire little league team with your vehicle do not use the drive-thru.
6. Hold doors open for others. And if someone is holding one open for you, hustle up and say thank you.
7. Speak to the convenience store clerk.
8. Stop having actual conversations on the phone in public. It makes people in aisles, lines and restaurants uncomfortable. I will not shut my kids up because you’re on the phone in Target.
9. Remember that no one thinks your kids are as cute as you do. Control them.
10. Treat a public restroom like you would your own. Why does it seem people lose all sense of human decency in there?
11.Don’t accept government assistance then go on vacations, have your nails done, go to the movies and do all the things other hard-working Americans paying their own way can’t afford to do. It’s a slap in the face.
12. Have a sense-of-humor. If you’re Asian, Mexican, Black, Canadian, I don’t mind if you make fun of me because I’m white and can’t dance. It’d take the wind out of real racists sails if we all lightened up a bit.
13. For the love of God, stop posting internet meme’s proclaiming how crazy you are. This goes double if they include a Looney Tunes character.
14. If you a coupon you’re not going to use, leave it beside that item in the grocery store.
15. Waitresses/Waiters put up with a lot. Treat them like people and tip them well. How you treat servers really speaks to your character.
16. Stand for something. But don’t stand and point in people’s faces about it.
17. Strangers with boogies, T.P. stuck to their shoes, unzipped flies or skirts tucked in panty hose – discreetly alert them.
18. Return books to the library in a timely fashion, especially ones that have a long hold ques.
19. Be kind and considerate to old people and children. We’ve been that aggravating kid and God willing will be the slow old coot one day.
20. Don’t forget the Golden Rule.

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