The End Has Always Been Near


I’m sitting here enjoying my English muffin, reading the news on the interweb and pondering people who believe that the particular set of circumstances the world finds itself in today must mean that the end is very near. Yea, English muffins, with all their nooks and crannies really get me exploring the recesses of my mind. Here’s my theory: it’s always been the end for everyone throughout the ages.

The human story has always been a pretty dismal affair when you think about it. I’m sure that in the 1400’s as the Bubonic Plague claimed the lives of a full third of the human population the people had to think it was the end. The deadliest earthquake ever happened in 1556, in Shaanxi, China killed 830,000 people. Bet they thought that was the end.

We’ve been just plain ugly for a long time. We’ve enslaved each other for thousands of years, we’ve committed genocide in countries all over the world. How can anyone think that the election of Obama signals the end when we’re still here after Hitler killed 6 million Jews? War, famine, sickness, natural disasters have been happening forever; so much so that in any given time period people could add up their current events to fit a Biblical prophecy. I think it’s almost a little arrogant to claim that we’ve finally hit rock bottom considering the events of the past.

Christ himself said he knew not the hour or the day of his return so rather than watch the clock, and check the window at the sound of every car door; I think I’ll tidy up and set the table.

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One Response to The End Has Always Been Near

  1. Your writing is fabulous. So are English muffins (ok, so I’m biased…. who cares?).

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