I Don’t Need The Village, Thanks. I’ve Got This.


Quick rant while it’s on my mind. Please excuse my lack of paragraph form or sentence structure. Oh, and the graphic has nothing to do with the post. It just makes me feel better. Even good ‘ole Hootie has his bad days. Anyhoo, a week or so ago I got a letter from the school about Brenna’s number of unexcused absences which totaled 5 for the entire school year. She was in danger of becoming truant under SC Nosybutt Law #227R2D2. They asked that I send in excuses for these absences by today so that they would not have to take further action, a formal “Attendance Plan” and if that didn’t work, Family Court (I checked the family tree…nope no distant Aunt District 2). I sent in a note explaining the days all the way back to October as appointments that conflicted with the 10:30 dismissal time and no other arrangements for transportation, a case of the sniffles and a family trip to NJ. Today I got another letter from the school concerning the number of “Parent Signed Notes” which was drawing dangerously close to the limit of 10. Oy. After that every absence must be physician excused. Here’s the thing. I’m not bringing my child to the doctor for every little cold or fever, paying a co-pay and making her sit through the torture of the waiting room for what needs a dose of rest, tissues and fluids. Nor am I sending her to school to be miserable, infect other children and the school to send her home anyway. You’re welcome teachers, other parents and school nurse. Just seems like there’s a lot of effort and paper being wasted on quite an insignificant thing. If she were failing, falling behind on material, disruptive, mal-adjusted, telling stories about how we didn’t bring her to school cause we were to hung-over or she was covered in mysterious bruises I might understand. And why is the word of a physician so much more trustworthy than the word of the child’s own parent?? “We the school, a third-party in the child’s life need another third-party to confirm that the primary care-giver, blood relative of a completely “normal” child is on the up ‘n up”. I find myself getting a little possessive and uppity about the whole situation. She’s mine, mine all mine and who are you to tell me what I should be doing with her?! Am I being ridiculous or does anyone else feels like schools may be overstepping their boundaries with this stuff? Sure, there are tragic families that need this kind of intervention but they’re the exception not the rule. So, why should we all have to account to an institution for our child’s whereabouts day in and day out, or have someone else vouch for us? Phewww… I feel a little better.

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2 Responses to I Don’t Need The Village, Thanks. I’ve Got This.

  1. Denise says:

    So this very thing happened to me when Drew was in the second grade and we took a cruise. Yes we went during the week which was four nights because it was drastically cheaper than the three night weekend deal. Anyway, I informed the teacher at the beginning of the year of our intentions. He completed his work PRIOR to the trip and off we went. I sent no note in, as this was unexcused and I knew that it was. Of course, within a week of our return I receive an email from the teacher requesting an excuse. I responded with, “No, I will not be providing an excuse because I am fully aware that this was unexcused and we are well under our ten unexcused absences that are permitted. I’m not going to say he was sick when he wasn’t.” The teacher responds with, “Well, the people in the office are asking for it.” I respond, “Well, have ‘the people in the office’ call me then.” It wasn’t very long before I received a call from the assistant principal asking me for the excuses. I repeated myself and she advised me that “we just need something in the file.” So fine, I sent a note that read, “Please excuse Drew from school for such and such dates.” I offered no reason, as I felt that it was none of anyone’s business. I’m not a neglectful parent and he was certainly not a delinquent child at the age of 7! I followed up my conversation with the assistant principal, who I respect greatly, with the following comment. “Don’t call me again in reference to Drew’s absences unless it is truly an issue. As long as home schooling is legal I will do as I wish with my son concerning when to keep him from school.” Now before everyone gets their feathers ruffled, I am NOT against homeschooling in any way, shape, form or fashion. In fact, I considered it myself, but realized that… Well that just would not have worked here! Heck, I barely survive homework time! At any rate, I agree completely and know exactly how you feel. Oh and by the way, isn’t Brenna in 4K, which was elective? Ridiculous. If I were you, considering your mad writing skills, I might just be tempted to send the district office a letter. Just my thoughts.

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve experienced very similar “concerns” from a school in previous years. Why is it some schools choose to have such radical concern for such a minor isdue, but lack in some areas such as teaching stratedgies, a child’s grsdes, bullying, etc?

    I’ve also experienced this in the workforce setting too. Please have a physicians note to return. Or the talking behind ones back if they are experiencing attendance issues for “less than major” illnesses . Benefit of the doubt people.

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