Here’s What’s Happening In My Neck Of The Woods – bonus I just made you think of Al Roker. He’s great.

It’s been a few weeks so just to keep in the habit of blogging here’s what I’ve been doing recently:

Sleeping through the night! My not so evil overlord has finally gotten a bit more predictable and is giving me 7-8 straight hours of time off.

Cursing school fundraisers. I guess the PTAs are now hip to the fact that there are umpteen dollar stores to buy gift wrap from and magazines sales are faltering with the dawn of the e-reader. Kids may not be able to rake in the dough with “Go Guilt Grandma” catalogues of peanut brittle like they once could but they all have legs and they’re putting them to use in the Boosterthon walk/run pledge challenge. At my house it’s become badgerthon as it’s all I’ve heard about for the last week, the pledges, the run, the pizza parties! She doesn’t understand when I offer to pay taxes and buy her a Totinos. It’s not bad enough that I feel lousy about how few Box Tops we’re able to contribute. Either we shell out for brand name with Box Tops so your school can get tools or you eat Genericos and have health insurance, kid.

Sketching, sketching, and sketching some more. I had an order through my Etsy shop for 4 family tote bags featuring my simple, dumpy, smiley faced characters. After getting the details for each bag snd sketching the ideas for the customer I have re-sketched them a bazillion times to make her and her daughter thinner, her husband more muscular, add a pattern and the latest; to see what she would look like in this outfit she found on Pinterest. For the first time I’m hoping a customer does not remember me come the holiday season and I’m fighting off Disney animator urges to hide obscene things in the finished product. Insert plug here for

Spring cleaning. From Stevie’s November birthday through Easter we tend to collect a lot of new crap. I hate crap. I tend to hoard then purge completely and I’m in phase 2 of the cycle. Will I really ever paint this creepy Goodwill angel? Should I really hold onto this puzzle in case we find the other 32 of 48 pieces? No. Then when I find the remaining pieces I’ll hold on to them for some crafting scheme until I purge again. At least I can count on some spare cash from the yard sale. Maybe I’ll make a Boosterthon pledge with it.

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