I am a stay at home mother of two of the coolest little girls Stevie (2) and Brenna (soon to  be 5). I come from a large Irish Catholic family that all live in the Garden State (which is NJ go figure) while I’m here with my husband of 9 years, Stephen, in good old SC. I sometimes feel a little out of place here, but honestly I’d be a little out of place most places. In addition to my new foray into blogging I read constantly, paint, work with clay, make newspaper beads, art journal, give new life to things abandoned at Goodwill and keep an etsy shop (www.DaisybirdDesigns.etsy.com).

I have an intense imagination, a great appreciation for standing out, standing your ground, being yourself and two cents to add about most everything. Stay Tuned.

4 Responses to About

  1. becky says:

    i used to check msn.com every day to see if there was anything interesting going on in the world. now i check this instead to see if there’s anything interesting going on in your living room. much more stimulating and a lot less depressing. keep up the good work, buddy =] –your cousin becky. (ellen and berny’s sister…you remember)

  2. I’m glad I bumped into you blog in the blogosphere 🙂 I’m a mother, an expat, a thrift shop pillager and book addict too…. I’ll be staying tuned!

  3. Janis Gabriel says:

    Thank you very much for following! You are one creative lady! 🙂

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